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December 06 2010

..So also finally after 15y a decent version of Poison - really the first real noisy production heavily inspired by Halcyon's Detour piece. At that time i was cooperating with univ rock-pal Moshe and he composed until 1996 songs for our productions. Later on he gave up doing demos and i was forced to seek for musical contacts abround - unfortunately i was always unhappy with musical options of local musicians - at that time i was already aphex/autechre admirer or enjoyed quality detroid sound so u can image what was i looking for.. And back to Poison - this capture is featuring slight frame crop what is not so cool - however i have to build ms-dos machine to grab old-skool stuff like: plasmatic, flight, xmess and even other older thingies... so then Poison will be fixed - schedule is surely not estimated:)

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