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October 21 2010

Unfortunatelly i skip my personal presence at Alt Party in Helsinky starting tomorrow. Almost got there but i'll save my personal tripping for better live period. It's just too crazy in daily job (right after ASM10 trip constant stress). Therefore also Koiban final is missing but good stuff is that my Alt Party submission is almost done, well still some time left to finish all :) Sunday will start with 3rd demo release this year from Satori :D \o/

August 25 2010

what and when will be the next demo? hohoo quite soon i hope.. no name picked yet, what is the most important step:)and decide to start - this time i can say music will be really beatless and demo maybe noiseless:) and the music source will be a famous guy..:D plan is to deliver demo for in .fi this OCT, if personally not sure - but still i have vip-tickets for the party, but if funds will allow to come is unsolved question yet.  get ready for static mellow piece.
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