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August 09 2012

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Assembly 2012 pc-demo - 5th place in competition... ..where are those days when Metamorf 1 was done in one week.. this one took significantly more time.. plus in kinda stressy manner as another project for Assembly was suspended and instead of it i did this. lately during the creation i felt it goes in right direction and started to be excited about it what is pretty important - demo been under development until the last possible moment. ->[exe + hq video download in utub's description]<- suspended project needs much more time especially due to special research so let's see when that one will be finished.. should be this year.. but rather no promises..

October 21 2010

Unfortunatelly i skip my personal presence at Alt Party in Helsinky starting tomorrow. Almost got there but i'll save my personal tripping for better live period. It's just too crazy in daily job (right after ASM10 trip constant stress). Therefore also Koiban final is missing but good stuff is that my Alt Party submission is almost done, well still some time left to finish all :) Sunday will start with 3rd demo release this year from Satori :D \o/

August 27 2010


===== DEMOSCENE SOUP =====

i started new soup page to store HQ demo productions... these all demos are a big inspiration and especially energy drive for me to produce more..

August 25 2010


August 24 2010

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>>>_it did work- no compo ban - just huge meet of all
OH-Y great help from ASMteam to provide online version. gives me more time to put my hands on final exe/video version. i guess mp4 video version will feature 50fps - finally..
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>>>_I guess this version deresves a bit of more recognition.
But i'm totally happy to announce work on 60fps version for dvd of bluray? dunno
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