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April 27 2011

This is real-time PC demo premiered at Revision demo party last weekend. So it came 5th in PC compo - difficult project in fact, unsure about the result till the last moment. Party coding was luckily avoided this year but there was nothing on timeline 10h before departure to Germany. Over 120 compositions been done but not synced. Launchpad and patient and hyped practise did job for me and 10th recording attend to play live my compositions set on music was used. even the project was hard i'm happy that i took the "deadly" ride as really 2 weeks before the compo things been highly miserable. and then things luckily changed but it was a fast ride :) and here we go .. enough of talk and a lot of work. got some courage finally to dig into my current engine and make CRC HD - as it's really needed for more effecient way of making future demo productings..

please download rather EXE-ZIP or VID-MP4 as i guess this online compression make things just a mess :)

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