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April 09 2013

Story behind this one is quite nice. After Metamorf II Assembly premiering Shrine from Halcyon contacted me about coop project. He was about to make thesis project for this school about demo making process. Shrine elaborated conceptual project; music; typo and models. I put my 50% to the project and created this results in 3 weeks. But 7 minutes of music deserves more attention. Our aim is to finish demo and fix few issues :)

May 12 2011

Esa (Lackluster) been waiting this one for too long - i want to apologize. But finally later than never - 50fps versions of Satori Koiban Assembly 2010 demo been released. Follow for complete set of download links. The highest quality version (around 700MB) even needs a decent HW to replay flawless - h264 compression fails at lower bitrates to bring the same experience as watching the original demo code in real-time! So again i recommend to experience original exe as that is the actual art-work.
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