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April 03 2012

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Hi this is what I was working on after Karoshi demo. A bit of computer fair visuals in my typical style - not much of compromises made - hope you do notice it :-) No sound in the background after intro clip. Background music was playlist made from fine ambient works from AFX, Ae, FSOL, Biosphere, Black Dog, Monolake, Orb, Pan Sonic and so on..

March 28 2012

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Hi all so that's been a while I posted something here - almost forgot about this page.
However there is something to post even it's not brand new release.
At the end of January I managed together with my polish friends to create a small demo for Icons party in Finland which I could not attend personally.
I'm especially happy about coop with Chaser an excellent musician from Elude and he created just right track for the small demo I had in plan to do. With a graphics help from Substrate I was able to make it in 4 days. I managed it last time in 2000 with Different Engine. Luckily now I have real-engine and it's possible to make more complex stuff in such short time. But I end up extremely tired and it's not always best to do it like this - so therefore I skip this plan for Revision quick-prod release...
Back to Karoshi. At the day I planned to start working I had no real plan what will be the topics. And then speaking to my collegue in work I got to this word I know for some time meaning Death From Overwork. Suddenly I knew it's a good theme and Substrate was happy to and we started
working. I know it could be much better in result but hey.. We supported Icons party and got 2nd after 1st place by Kewlers. Demo got some nice reactions from the scene but I released it with bug that fulltime is not working properly - damn I should fix that and release a final version. But in windowed mode it works even on Linux in win emulators..
Next demo stop will be Assembly 2012 - should book the ticket sooon and start working on the production. Will organize that right after Revision. Now is everybody busy on production for this party - except me - I need a break, calm down, do sports :) and spend time with family..

check pouet page for download link:

October 05 2011

I had to skip one day of regular autumn poetry festival in Bratislava so i mixed at home an hour of calm visual mix without sound, not so experimental, so probably good for ambient mood to play your favourite CD and use it as hopefully relaxing background. Licensed for home use only - forbidden to use at other public gigs without agreement

August 31 2011

Again hyperbolated creation process of this piece as there is definitely not fulltime capacity for making videos or real-time animation. This one was however supported by Substrate and Ubik what helped a lot and made it possible to create this piece in about one month for Buenzli demo party in swiss and place #2 in Demo competition. This demo will be an official clip for Rentip's EP coming out soon on This demo is software render and only single core so you have to use at least i5+ and better to watch somehow smoothly. i7+ is best and i will seriously start multi-threading coding in my Circulation engine. Download executable

May 12 2011

Esa (Lackluster) been waiting this one for too long - i want to apologize. But finally later than never - 50fps versions of Satori Koiban Assembly 2010 demo been released. Follow for complete set of download links. The highest quality version (around 700MB) even needs a decent HW to replay flawless - h264 compression fails at lower bitrates to bring the same experience as watching the original demo code in real-time! So again i recommend to experience original exe as that is the actual art-work.

December 06 2010

..So also finally after 15y a decent version of Poison - really the first real noisy production heavily inspired by Halcyon's Detour piece. At that time i was cooperating with univ rock-pal Moshe and he composed until 1996 songs for our productions. Later on he gave up doing demos and i was forced to seek for musical contacts abround - unfortunately i was always unhappy with musical options of local musicians - at that time i was already aphex/autechre admirer or enjoyed quality detroid sound so u can image what was i looking for.. And back to Poison - this capture is featuring slight frame crop what is not so cool - however i have to build ms-dos machine to grab old-skool stuff like: plasmatic, flight, xmess and even other older thingies... so then Poison will be fixed - schedule is surely not estimated:)

December 03 2010

Almost a decade after releasing B10 on demo-scene this piece is finally rendered at 50fps for online streaming pleasure..

November 25 2010

Weeell that was a pretty stressful week before this AVset - coding new launchpad support in Circ; practising and making my old patches sound alltogether.
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